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Ruby on Rails

I’ve been thinking about web applications recently and one thing is for certain: if you want to develop a web app, there is no shortage of opinions about the best way to do it. I was turned to thinking of … Continue reading

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Computer Science Education

It seems like there are a lot of people that have distinct opinions about CS education today. The more I look, the more I find articles written by other prominent computer scientists on what they see as really key deficiencies … Continue reading

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Classes on Functional Programming

I’ve been busy with finals this past week so the posting has been light. Now that I’m all done with the Fall semester I’d like to bring up a particular area of concern about the computer science classes at Harvard … Continue reading

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The HES Community: Life as an ALB student…

Over at Harvard Extended, Ian posted about a problem that is particularly acute at the Extension School: lack of student community. If there is one thing that is particularly difficult about being a HES student, it has to be the … Continue reading

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Field of Study and my Reading and Research Project

I’m thrilled. My Field of Study application has been approved which means that when I am awarded the ALB, I’ll have a Computer Science “field of study” noted on my transcripts. Yay! Also, one of my previous professors has agreed … Continue reading

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I Love My MacBook : MacFUSE

I just wanted to share with you another cool tool that I’ve been using: MacFuse and SSHFS. With this very neat program, you can use SSH as a means to mount a remote filesystem.  In a lot of circumstances, the … Continue reading

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I Applied For Financial Aid

Not that I think I’ll get any. As it turns out, my EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) is much higher than the Cost of Attendance at Harvard Extension. The main reason that I did it is because I then qualify to … Continue reading

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Harvard’s Latin Salutatory Address at Commencement 2007

May the Harvard Force be With You! I actually understood some of that without looking at the subtitles.  How nerdy is that?

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Problems in Computer Science Education

A recent article discusses a worrisome trend in computer science education: It is all about programming! Over the last few years we have noticed worrisome trends in CS education. The following represents a summary of those trends: Mathematics requirements in … Continue reading

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Harvard Extension Really is Harvard

As you might guess, there is a bit of confusion regarding the degree programs from the Harvard Extension School. I was in my first semester at HES when the following article was printed in the New York Times: Harvard, for … Continue reading

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