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Columbia Video Network

I’m planning on going to New York City in a few weeks to attend a cryptography conference but while I’m there I plan on visiting Columbia University to investigate the distance-ed engineering program office for the Columbia Video Network. I’ve … Continue reading

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Debian “Etch” – 1 ; Fedora 8 – 0

I recently decided to install Linux on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-28.  In case you aren’t familiar with this particular piece of hardware, it’s essentially a laptop that thinks it’s a tank.  It’s heavy, slow, and super sturdy.  When you close … Continue reading

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P vs. NP

One of the better explanations of the P vs. NP problem.

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Starting up a new programming project…

I’ve been looking at the whole Ruby on Rails thing as the foundation for a kind of web application I was thinking of.  Right now, it’s purely a personal thing.  I’m doubtful that it has any commercial potential.  Nevertheless, it’s … Continue reading

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