Harvard Negotiation and Leadership Conference 2009

I spent this past Saturday at the Harvard Negotiation and Leadership Conference.

If you weren’t one of the over 300 people at the conference, you missed out.

I’m going to post a more detailed review in the next few days, but I was very impressed by the quality of the conference and the discussions among the speakers.

Andre convinced some very notable names to attend the conference and give presentations and it’s clear that the audience enjoyed the opportunity to ask them questions.

What’s even more impressive is that this conference represented the first inter-school arranged conference. Both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School cooperated with Andre Bisasor at the Harvard Extension School to make this conference a reality.

My opinion is that this event symbolizes how HES participates as a full member of the Harvard academic community. I think we need many more such examples.

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  1. Ben Jenkins says:

    I attended as well. It was very good. Look forward to attending more of these in years to come.


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