I Almost Started School Again…


I’ve recently become interested in a new project that requires a discrete familiarity with statistical analysis of large data sets.  The problem is: I have no knowledge of  the theory of statistical analysis.

So naturally that’s a problem. As I’ve mentioned before, a good part of the people who come to Harvard Extension do so because they need specific training in a particular skill or subject.  As luck would have it, the Harvard Summer School has a class on statistics.  It’s even available online.  Perfect.

Only…not perfect.  By the time I realized that I needed the class, the deadline for summer late registrations had passed.  I could probably petition to get in anyway, but I’d be playing catchup and the summer school classes run very, very fast.

On the plus side, it looks like the same instructor teaches it every summer.  That’s good news since I plan on taking it next summer unless I can get the knowledge another way before then.  Even so, I might go ahead and take the class anyway because it counts as a class for the ALM-M in Finance.

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  1. jeff says:

    You should consider Head First Statistics, along with Schaum’s Outline of Statistics. Then move onto Head First Data Analysis: A Learner’s Guide to Big Numbers, Statistics, and Good Decisions.

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