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Online Coursework: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

My good friend Ian Lamont, who has been critical of taking classes online, recently decided to take an online math course to ease his entry into an MBA program at MIT. Here’s my take on some of his points: The … Continue reading

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I Almost Started School Again…

So… I’ve recently become interested in a new project that requires a discrete familiarity with statistical analysis of large data sets.  The problem is: I have no knowledge of  the theory of statistical analysis. So naturally that’s a problem. As … Continue reading

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Relaunching the blog…

First, an apology: The last year has been a bit hectic for me.  After graduating, I changed jobs and relocated closer to NYC.  Between moving and getting settled in at the new job, I let this blog go unattended.  My … Continue reading

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Harvard Extension is Now 100 Years Old!

If you want a good primer on what HES is all about, give this article a read: Turning a Chipper 100 It’s a shame that HES doesn’t get more attention.  It serves a very important and worthy purpose in the … Continue reading

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Distance Education and the Harvard Experience: A Response to Critics

I’ve had a chance to read both Harvard Extension Dean Michael Shinagel’s book The Gates Unbarred as well as Ian Lamont’s review of it.  I agree with a lot of what Ian has to say about the book, but on … Continue reading

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I’m Done (Part II)

First, I’m going to apologize for taking so long to write this up.  Things have been crazy for a while in my life.  For one thing, it’s felt very good to be done with school.  I’ve been catching up on … Continue reading

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I’m Done! (Part I)

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here but I’m hoping that you’ll forgive me. After four years, countless trips back and forth to Cambridge, endless nights spent staying up late to finish assignments, and a general lack of … Continue reading

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I’m Supporting Andre Bisasor for HESA President

I’m supporting Andre Bisasor for HESA President.  I’d like to explain my reasoning and some exasperation at some of the other candidate statements. In my humble opinion, HES students are supposed to be selecting someone for their executive experience. By … Continue reading

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Harvard Negotiation and Leadership Conference 2009

I spent this past Saturday at the Harvard Negotiation and Leadership Conference. If you weren’t one of the over 300 people at the conference, you missed out. I’m going to post a more detailed review in the next few days, … Continue reading

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When I started this blog, my stated purpose for completing my undergraduate degree was to get a credential that I needed to attend graduate school. Now that I’m essentially done with the ALB program (I walk at June commencement) I’m … Continue reading

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