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Is Distance Education a Problem at Harvard?

Ian over at Harvard Extended has posted an editorial criticizing the Harvard Extension School push into distance education.  Specifically, he questions whether a degree program composed primarily of classes taken remotely via the Internet can ever really compare to the … Continue reading

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The Harvard Extension Student Association

HESA, the Harvard Extension Student Association, ostensibly exists to provide some measure of community to the Extension School population. From the website: Our Mission is to build and maintain a sense of community among our students. In partnership with many … Continue reading

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Harvard “One Ring” Unboxing

I recieved my Harvard Class Ring a few days ago and wanted to share some of the photos.  The ring was shipped from Balfour in a nondescript DHL package along with a receipt. It comes in a nice wood (lacquered?) … Continue reading

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Harvard College vs. Harvard Extension School : Part Deux

In a post over at Harvard Extended, Ian discusses the subject of “legacy” admissions.  In case you’re wondering, “legacies” are Harvard College admits who get in because of some special connection to the college that supersedes the traditional academic criteria … Continue reading

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I Applied For Financial Aid

Not that I think I’ll get any. As it turns out, my EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) is much higher than the Cost of Attendance at Harvard Extension. The main reason that I did it is because I then qualify to … Continue reading

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Earning a Masters Degree in Computer Science via Distance Education

One thing I’m going to be focusing on in this blog is my effort to earn a masters degree in CS (Computer Science). I’m currently working on a Bachelors degree from the Harvard Extension School. So far, my experience has … Continue reading

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